Labor with Machine/Hour


                        Clean and Oil (or Graphite)



Most Bolt Action Rifles


Semi-autos and Slide Actions


                         Metal Finishing (Bluing)

Description                   Price
Factory Style (Rem, Win)


High-Gloss (like Colt Sauer)





                        Sight Work

Description                   Price
Bore sight customers gun


Drill and tap receiver or barrel


Cut Dovetail                 $25.00
Scope Mounting (includes bore sighting)


                        Barrel Work

Description                   Price
Head Space Check


Test Fire (Includes Ammo)


Chamber Cast                 $10.00
Remove stuck fired case or obstruction      $15.00-50.00
Remove stuck LIVE round                 $25.00
Install barrel liner

$50.00 + liner

Blueprint action (lap lugs, square rec. square bottom, etc.)                 $75.00
Alter Bolt - Forge Handle                 $30.00
Weld on New Handle   $55.00 + handle
Install Safety $15.00-25.00 + Safety
Install Triggers (Canjar-Sharp - $35.00)   $24.55 + trigger
Cut and crown barrel                 $22.00
Copy original barrel taper                 $75.00
Muzzle Brakes (Chrome Moly - $115.00 S.S.)               $100.00
Re-contour receiver ring                 $35.00
Re-chamber      $25.00-80.00
Open bolts, rails, etc. for Magnum                 $55.00
Install Pre-threaded, chambered barrel    $80.00-110.00
Fit barrel on most bolt actions $95.00-150.00 + barrel
Fit barrel on lever and single-shot  $100.00-200.00
Extractor Slots


We chamber for over 120 calibers, all the standard and lots of wild-cats
 .17 cal. to 50. Got an idea for a cartridge? Call or Write.

                         Stock Work

Description                   Price
Re-finish average with oil finish


Glass bed most bolt actions


M1, M1As                 $75.00
Pillar Bed    $85.00-120.00
Inlet, glass bed semi-finished stocks

$145.00 -$170.00

Inlet, glass bed synthetic stocks    $90.00-115.00
Install recoil pad (labor only)




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