Pictures of all actions are available upon request 




1. 1903 Greek Mannlicher Shoenauer Action

This action is complete and ready to make into a great  custom rifle. The bolt handle has been altered to the VERY desirable “Butter-Knife” design. This feature alone will save you roughly 75-100.00 as this is a very tedious job. You never see these anymore and they are spendy when you do.













2. F.N. [Belgium] Commercial—53364

This is a very nice Belgium action that has been converted to a magnum bolt face and rails.It has the later style enclosed trigger and a very nice old Browning trigger guard/floorplate. Great action to make that “special” magnum in your life











3. F.N. [Belgium] Commercial Mod. 98

This action is like new and has the standard bolt face. Adjustable trigger and just NICE!!Not much to add as we all know how these actions are! Scarce and wonderful for the custom rile you have always wanted.










4. Husqvarna Light Weight

This is one mint little action. This is THE “Husky” you read about. Small ring and a standard boltface. These make into the sweetest light weight Mountain Rifles ever! Claw extractor for positive extraction and feeding. You never see these anymore











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